Spheres of Thoughts

This project derived from my fascination with the fluidity of light, its luminance and how emotions are related to light. I happened to catch myself staring at a white light shining on a plain wall, its circular form drawing me in and slowly became a source of meditation as my thoughts started to pulsate with the seemingly spiraling white light. Just like how light is often associated with the divine, light has become a space for emotional response, a container of feelings and thoughts.

This animation video features light in different forms and intensities moving at a slow pace, intended for viewers to empty their thoughts into, allowing them to daydream. Almost like people-watching while waiting for the bus to arrive, the different lights' behaviours become points for our eyes to linger upon. The organic movements of the light forms and continuous evolution, creates a metamorphosis of light. Ideally, viewers should have their individual personal responses to the different lights and colors in the animation.